A R T I C L E S  &  C O M M E N T A R I E S
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2008 0930 
Total U.S. debt exceeded 10 TRILLION -  
that's $ 10,000,000,000,000.00
Total U.S. debt exceeded 12 TRILLION -  
that's $ 12,000,000,000,000.00
20100118  Congress poised to increase debt ceiling again.
20120908  Total U.S. debt exceeded 16 TRILLION -  that's $ 16,000,000,000,000.00       National Debt Clock

Patrick_Henry's famous speech is ringing in my ears nearly 24-hours a day.
It should be ringing in the ears of all Americans.  Let Freedom Ring!

Winston Churchill once said, "Socialism is Communism with a gun at your back."
Remember U.S.S.R. was The Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics and
NAZI was the German acronym for National SOCIALIST German Worker's Party.
Remember too, the words
"Life, Liberty
(freedom) and the pursuit of Happiness ..."
were gifts conveyed by Christ Jesus! Our Declaration of Independence states these unalienable rights
are given by our heavenly Father - the Creator of the Universe and Most High God!

The Sovereignty Of The United States Of America Is Under Attack while the U.S. Congress Violates Constitutional Law - Failing To Legally Declare War since 1943 - while at the same time - Continuing To Deploy Troops Around the World As Mercenaries for the United Nations and Global Corporate Fascists!
The battle being waged is not about political parties.
America's Constitution has been circumvented and effectively denied to its' Citizens and
Soldiers using regulations, codes, contracts and illegal taxes greater than 55% and rising.
Our nation is on the precipice of financial and political destruction because 'We the People'
have laid down, rolled over and accepted this abominable subversion on many fronts.
The cause of these global conflicts are the work of fallen angels posing as worldly statesmen
and businessmen - disguised  in human shapes inhabited by condemned traitors, thieves and
murderers with no hearts.
They promise what they know they can not deliver - a New World Order
of peace and protection of the environment. Their goal is subjugation of all peoples through
communism and totalitarianism - to be quickly handed over to their 'false messiah'.

See the VIDEOS page for more information.

Maybe FOX NEWS should revisit and report on the arguments proposed years ago in the book "Environmental Overkill.",  by D.L. Ray?  I have personally read much about The Purloined International Treaty  [ The PIT ] for several years and now the push is on to impose it.  Burying our heads in the sand will do nothing to stop the destruction of America's Sovereignty and the imposing of a new world socialist-communist regime on all nations under a pretense of ecology and hydrocarbon emissions. Why is it, that small men think they can save something they have no wisdom of, or the ability to create themselves - that they know the answers and wish to use this false knowledge to subjugate as many as they can.

A few years ago, when Mount Pinatubo exploded in the Philippines, the emissions of all types of gases and materials blown into the atmosphere - was more than 500+ times the total annual output expelled by industrialized nations. Put another way, if all industrial nations became goat herders overnight, it would take 500+ years to equal the output of Mount Pinatubo alone,
not counting the thousands of other active volcanoes in the world.

Mt. Pinatubo is just one of the hundreds of active Pacific Rim volcanoes and others around the world that continously spew gases into the world atmosphere. Recent  SpaceLab Photo  

from the National Geographic Magazine ] The Pacific rim volcano emissions can not be stopped or plugged by Greenpeace (taken over by former Soviet communists), or any government and certainly not by any Purloined International Treaty.

A New World Order is simply a metaphor for One Man Order - another name for one-person rule. Other names for it have been: Autarchy, Autocracy, Despotism, Dictatorship, Monocracy, Socialism, and Totalitarianism.
What it really amounts to is Global Corporate Fascism; a conspiracy whose secular members are ignorant of their part, but mostly driven by dividends and prefer to remain ignorant of their individual roles - while puppet leaders pull the strings.

Does the "PIT" advance the world government headed by one person that has been predicted for over 5000 years?  It seems that global leaders are happy to use air quality as an excuse to create this new world government. Especially, when it is funded by 'rich' nations with incentive payments being paid to third world countries to coerce their signatures. After all, 'they' see this NWO-method as preferable to invading, destroying and stealing the wealth of Free and Independent Sovereign Nations.

Constitutionally, Americans are obligated to take up their personal firearms and fight anyone that invades our borders - until such time that our Congress legally Declares War. Eighteen-year-old Americans should report to the Draft Board, but under no circumstances should they sign anything.

Our Constitution protects and defends our Liberty of Contract.
No one should allow themselves to be coerced into signing contracts that remove them from the protection of our Constitution. Undeclared Wars by the U.S. are un-Constitutional. Yet Americans continue to allow Presidents to send our young men to fight and die as mercenaries of various United Nations Police Actions. Any U.S. Congress member or President that votes for the PIT is guilty of Treason.

The Founding Fathers never imagined that a U.S. Congress or President could sign a Treaty that would destroy our Inalienable Rights thereby destroying the democratic Republic government of America.
D.K. Wagner, Atlanta, GA]