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  [DANCE: Ballroom and Popular Styles]
   American Dance Productions   visit
   Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Atlanta   visit
   Atlanta Swing Dancers   visit
   Atlanta Variety and Hustle Dancers   visit
   Dance Atlanta International   visit
   Dance Spots   visit
   Dance Club List   visit
   Dance Jam Productions - Baltimore  visit
   Lindy Week Review   visit

  [Dance Music:  various songs and artists]
    submit your's by email at
 Contact Us 
   Dance Song List 2000 (will upload newer list soon)   rtf
   Wayman Tisdale   visit

  [Economic and Political Subjects]
BIRD of PRAY seen over Afghanistan
Buried Weapons
2004 Candidate Profiles

  [Humorous Subjects]
   U.S.M.C.  ~ a humorous 'what if' scenario - right click icon to play 1MB audio file >>

  [Recipe favorites]
   French Toast for Non-Cooks pdf
   Strawberry Pie pdf
   Crock Pot Macaroni pdf

  [Spiritual Subjects]
   Have a Good Day and P.U.S.H.  -- unknown
   Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier
   The Case for Faith  -- by Lee Strobel
   Focus On The Family  -- by Mark Hartwig, Ph.D.
   Book Review:  The Wonder of the World
   Book Review: by H.Gintis  The Language of God
   Letter by wm to: Georgia's U.S. Senators -
     Subj: Violation of First Amendment  RE: legalizing gay marriage  cc: AJC Editor
   Letter by wm to:R. Whittat the Atlanta Journal Constitution -
     Subj: Article by  RE: suit filed by Mr. Jeffrey Selman
   A Christmas Prayer  -- by wm
   I Believe. Do You? -- a spiritual message about prayer by wm.

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