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VIEW VIDEO for a Factual Explanation of Governments you must show repeatedly to your children!
As a matter of policy, this web site does not support Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, Randians -- or any human philosophy 
that attempts to achieve what only our Creator God Jehovah and Christ Jesus have promised in The Bible (His letter to us);
His world of perfect love and justice. A New (3rd)Heaven on a Re-Newed Earth with no sickness, no hunger, no pain, no crime and no death.
The great spiritual apostasy has begun. The 'generation of the fig tree' and the fore-shortened 'Tribulation' will catch most of the world by surprise.
The return of Christ Jesus will be precipitated globally by the Antichrist proclaiming in Jerusalem that he comes in peace as Jesus Christ and
as he solves the problems which he has caused.
The Antichrist will deceive billions with his lies - especially the apostasy described by God Jehovah in Ezekiel  13:20 (the rapture).
Sentenced to eternal death by God, Lucifer will perform extraordinary metaphysical parlor games for the whole world to see -
fooling billions of cultists, pagans, religionists, and of course, those that believe man can save himself through technology and environmentalism. 

View VIDEO Friar Andrew was invited to lead the opening prayer
at the 2012 Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention in the Magness Arena at the University of Denver.

The CREATURE of Jekyll Island
   Be sure to review the seminar series that birthed the book.
ISLAMIC Practices Being Debated in Europe 
  ACT! for America  Brigitte Gabriel, founder.
 Immigration & World Poverty.

First Amendment  -- has been suspended? [CNN]
Campaign For God  -- a renewing 'powerpoint presentation' by the Church of Singapore

Why Switzerland Has the Lowest Crime Rate in the World

Rothschild Bankers  -- 'The American Dream'                 The TEA PARTY Patriots

                                                                                                                     A Marine stuns the crowd at a Tea Party singing.
 Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing  (chorus)                 National Anthem of the USA ~ view/print all lyrics 

   At The Revolution (NewsMax Article)
   Lt. Col. Allen West
    Congressional Candidate District 22  
Our GOD-GIVEN Heritage Mr. Gingrich 2008-July-06 

                                                            THOMAS PAINE
The Second American Revolution               We The People Stimulus Package 

President Ronald Reagan speaks out against communism.    

 A speech by Lord Christopher Monckton 
  a Climate Change Expert   
[YouTube 20091014]     
  Exposing the Copenhagen Treaty                  Dear Mr. Obama  Video by a U.S. Soldier 



Bill Moyers Video Interview  with Anne Wortham
Dr. Anne Wortham Article  ( The publisher of this website does not espouse the opinions of Dr. Wortham.)
VIDEOS: Mr. Moyers' interview with Dr. Wortham, who is considered a Randian by many.






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